First Entry November 12, 2012

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This blog will dedicated to sharing Biblical insight, thoughts and questions with one another.  We will share our favorite links, sermons and musing on the daily Christian walk and topics of the day.  We will also discuss our personal situations and experience.  Please comment, but keep it civil.

I’ll start by posting a poem I wrote during a time in my life where I felt like I could not get past my mistakes.  However, God really spoke to me about how HE is sovereign, and the devil and this earth no longer own me.

“Paid in Full”

I was taken to court

By the devil himself

With more than enough evidence

To condemn me to hell

The judge was the God the Father

Separating guilty from free

With His Son as my lawyer

I begged for His mercy on me

Every testimony I gave

Just incriminated me more

I used to be a slave

To the sins that I bore

The devil gave evidence

Of the most heinous of crimes

Insured of a sentence

Of separation for life

But my Defender stepped forward

And said, “Judge, I’ve paid all.

He knows Me as Lord

He’s redeemed from the fall

The Judge swung His gavel

And declared, “Case dismissed.

My Son has served the penalty

This child of Mine can go free”